Employee Spotlight: Design Specialist, Daniela

Design Specialist Daniela styling with flowers.

Daniela, what’s your favorite part of working at Nested Spaces?

I love working on design projects! I love getting to help homeowners bring their vision to life and create a wonderful space that they can call home. There is no better feeling than when a client loves the home that you helped create!

What’s your favorite room to style?

I have a lot of fun styling the living room. This space needs a little bit of everything: plants, décor, artwork, lots of pillows and throws, floor baskets, rugs…. the possibilities are endless!!!!

Daniela, what’s your favorite home style?

I would say Mediterranean Architecture. I love the use of tile and warm wood accents. As far as décor goes, I love lots of textures, mixed metals, earthy tones, and accent pieces from all over the world.

What designer inspires you?

I LOVE Hugo Toro. He is a Mexican-French interior designer that is amazing at mixing old with new, grand with modern, and bold with neutral colors.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I’m not sure it’s a fun fact, but I love entertaining and feeding people! Cooking is my happy place!
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