Employee Spotlight: Operations Manager, Connie Pobanz

Operations Manager, Connie

Connie, what’s your favorite part of working at NS?

Nested Spaces is a fantastic team of creative designers and stagers that want to impact the Indianapolis community with their vision for what living in a gorgeous space can be. I love working with my co-workers!

What’s your favorite space to style?

At a stage, I love to style the primary bedroom and bath. This area of the home should offer solace and a restorative feel to a future homeowner. I volunteer to style this room while listening to a very chill vibe on Spotify. I think of those walking into the space and the calm they deserve after a long weekday.

What is your favorite home style?

My favorite home style is clean, white and coastal — nothing I live in, but everything I dream about!

Connie, what designer inspires you?Connie selecting pillows for an upcoming stage

I LOVE Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict. Her show is so fun to watch! She always highlights nature by adding additional windows and creating gorgeous outdoor spaces. Her finishes, furnishings and décor usually have a history and story.

Visiting model homes and following on Redfin the homes in the area that are listed, pending, and sold is a hobby I enjoy. On long walks with my dogs and husband, I tend to find myself cruising around Midtown, inspired by all the new buildings by Old Town Design Group.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I learned to sew as a teen and used to make my daughters’ dresses when they were infants and toddlers. Claudia (5) is wearing my dress from when I was in first grade that my mom made me, Hilary is wearing a ruffle sleeved smocked dress my mom helped me sew, and Meredith (2.5) is wearing Hilary’s old smocked pink and white birthday dress. I have Christmas trees with handmade garlands cut and tied from all the fabric pieces leftover from their dresses.

Claudia (now 23) learned to crochet during the Christmas holiday and made her cat a hat. I love spending time with my family and creating memories.

Connie's daughter in dresses her and her mom sewed.

We hope you had fun and learned a lot more about our Operations Manager, Connie. To learn more about the rest of the team on Nested Spaces, explore by clicking here!